LAW OFFICES OF JAY W. MACINTOSH  specializes in employment litigation and entertainment law, helping  employees who have been victimized in the workplace. For over  eighteen years, LAW OFFICES continues to advocate for the interests of  those facing workplace disputes. We handle discrimination claims -  national origin, race, sexual orientation, age, sex, or any other form  of unlawful discrimination. Our practice also handles real estate  claims, contract and civil disputes, and entertainment law issues.

​Entertainment  law, sometimes called media law, is a term for a mix of more  traditional categories of law with a focus on providing legal services  to the Entertainment Industry.  The principal areas of Entertainment Law  overlap substantially with the well-known and conventional field of  intellectual property law. Much of the work is transaction-based, i.e.  drafting contracts, negotiating, mediating, and such.  Entertainment law  is generally sub-divided into the following areas related to the types  of activities that have their own specific trade unions, production  techniques, rules, customs, case law, and negotiation strategies: film,  music, television and radio, theatre, multimedia, publishing, visual  arts and design, and defamation (libel and slander), personality rights,  and privacy rights issues also arise in entertainment law, as well as  life rights. 

Have  you been sexually harassed at work, wrongfully terminated, or  discriminated against for your race, religion or another protected  class? If so, contact our California Employment Law Firm today for a  free case review.  Our Law Firm focuses primarily on protecting the  rights of employees throughout California.  No one deserves to suffer  from an abusive and hostile work environment. We will file claims  against your employer to get you the compensation you deserve. We’ll  fight anyone, anywhere, anytime, including the largest corporations, and  public employers. 

What should you do if you are a victim of employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination?

Do not panic   ~   Do not quit   ~   Do not strike back

Document all information     ~    Do not sign anything

If  you need to speak with an accessible and experienced employment law  attorney about a legal concern, such as disability discrimination or  whistle blowing, contact us today at the following email address:   jay@jaywmacintoshlaw.com

The Firm:

LAW  OFFICES OF JAY W. MACINTOSH, a firm with one attorney, opened its doors  in January 2001 and has been going strong ever since. From the  beginning, LAW OFFICES focused on Entertainment and the  Arts, Intellectual Property and Copyright/Trademark, along with  Corporate Formation and Contract Law. This was a natural because of  Jay's years of experience in the Entertainment Industry. In addition,  LAW OFFICES focused on Real Estate Law and Bankruptcy - also because of  Jay's experience in real estate and bankruptcy. In 2002, Law Offices  began to add Employment Litigation to its practice because of a referral  from another attorney. It was then that Law Offices embraced such law  suits involving Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, and Wrongful  Termination. 

Today, Law Offices of Jay W. MacIntosh is busy  representing entertainers, musicians, writers, athletes, production  companies, plaintiffs in different types of employment litigation  (discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination), debtors  (bankruptcies), buyers and sellers, homeowners, and others who need an  experienced, qualified attorney to help them with a legal problem, such  as corporate formation or a contract or a living will or power of  attorney. In other words, Law Offices of Jay W. MacIntosh is a busy law  firm with an excellent reputation.  





State Bar of California, 2000
U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, 2000
U.S. District Court, Central District of California, 2000


Law Offices of JAY W. MACINTOSH, Los Angeles, CA, 2000

Los Angeles Superior Court
California Academy of Mediation Professionals
Private Mediations

United States Bankruptcy Court, Judge James N. Barr,
California Central District, January 1998-December 1998. 
• Prepared cases for weekly calendar in chapters 7, 11, 13.
• Wrote bench memos - bankruptcy cases, including creditors’ motions for relief & debtors' oppositions.
• Conducted research regarding case issues for suggested rulings.
• Observed trials & bankruptcy proceedings.

MacIntosh Realtors, July 1985-present.
Merrill Lynch Realty, July 1976-July 1985. 
• Negotiated & prepared land sales contracts & lease contracts.
• Arranged complex financing packages. 
• Worked with clients holding extensive real estate portfolios.
• Worked as buyer's agent with national buyer referrals. 
• Identified litigation issues including non-disclosure & lender concerns.
•  Arbitrated cases involving ethics/commission disputes for Professional  Standards Committee, Los Angeles Association of Realtors.
• Interfaced - government agencies/permits/new construction/remodels
• Received special certification for real estate counseling.
Leased/managed personal investment income property inventory. 
Remodeled twelve personal projects (“fixers”) in an expanding market.

Actress - Guest Star and Co-Star roles in film, television, commercials, theater. 
Member - Women In Film; Served as Director on Board of Directors. 
Member - the Actors Studio; Served as Chairman, Members Committee. 
Member - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; Blue Ribbon Panel/EMMYS

Gainesville College, Gainesville, GA - Chairman, Division of Humanities
• Managed a Division staff.
• Developed curriculum for Humanities Division.
•  Taught media-related/speech/drama courses in Radio & elevision,  Playwriting, Phonetics, Speech Correction, Public Speaking, Acting,  Creative Writing, English Grammar. 
Brenau University, Gainesville, GA - Head, Department of Speech and Drama
• Taught advanced speech, drama and performing arts courses.
• Managing Director of the Brenau College Theater.

Juris Doctor, May 1999 
Master of Arts, Drama
Recipient, Graduate Assistantship Excellence Award 
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Speech & Drama
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Zodiac Scholastic Society
University of Georgia Law Dames - president
School of Music/Speech 

California Employment Lawyers Association - CELA
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles - CAALA
LEFTJAW - Employment Law - Plaintiff's Association
American Bar Association - ABA
Beverly Hill - Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors - BHGLAAR
Multiple Listing Service - The MLS

Entertainment Law - Transactional and Litigation (Plaintiff) 
- includes Art/Music/Sports Law/Copyright/Trademark
Employment Litigation (Plaintiff)
Real Estate 
Corporate Formation

Who’s Who In America 
The World's Who's Who of Women 
Directory of Distinguished Americans 
International Register of Profiles
Who's Who in Finance and Business
Who's Who in American Law 
Who's Who In Creative Real Estate
Top Producer, Merrill Lynch Realty
Pacific Palisades Highlands Office, 1985
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Zodiac Scholastic Society (President)
Graduate Assistantship Excellence Award


 (Taken from September Issue 2007, http://www.hollywoodweekly.net)


As  a young, outspoken, headstrong girl growing up in the South, Jay  MacIntosh, born Janet Tallulah Jewell, was unhappy with the blatant  discrimination against African-Americans and the poor that she witnessed  on a daily basis by adults she was supposed to look up to.

"I  wanted to move as far away from there as I could without falling into  the Pacific Ocean," Attorney MacIntosh tells me in her comfortable,  high-rise Century City Office. "I saw the hypocrisy of those who were  supposed to be 'respectable' in the community, you know, 'do-gooders'  but they were not very respectful to people who had no power, so I think  that's when I first got the idea that I wanted to be in a position  where I could help people who were being mistreated by people in  power." 

An act of kindness as simple as giving  her old comic books to a boy (George Groover - she still remembers his  name) who was less fortunate than she was brought heavy chastisement  from her parents and other 'Authority' figures, but these admonishments  only fueled Jay more to follow her own moral compass.

Jay  eventually got her wish and moved away from Gainesville, attending the  University of Wisconsin. A trained pianist, she majored in music, but  decided to take Speech classes after being impressed by strong, powerful  television personalities like Betty Furness, Arlene Francis, and most  importantly, Jinx Faulkenberg. Her real education, however, came when  she met a young man from Madison, Wisconsin, who planned to pursue a  career in law. He would later become her husband, the father of her  three children, and the reason she traveled back to Georgia.

ATT.  JAY MACINTOSH:  I could not believe I'd be going back to Georgia, but  he wanted to go to Law School down there, so I transferred to the  University of Georgia. I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Speech and  Drama, and my Masters in Drama; and then I got a job, first at Brenau  College (now Brenau University) and later at Gainesville College as the  Chairman of the Division of Humanities, which was a big deal because a  woman had never held that position.

HW:  But you weren't happy?

ATT.  MACINTOSH:  No, I really wasn't. I had problems with life in Georgia  because I believed that it was still the same and I really didn't want  my children growing up in that environment. So, I started thinking about  that Pacific Ocean again.

HW:  I have a feeling this is where ACT TWO starts.


ATT. MACINTOSH: Well, I knew Hollywood was the place I had to be to build my career in Drama and take care of my kids.

HW:  Oh, so you were already thinking that you and your husband were going to divorce?

ATT.  MACINTOSH: I knew we were headed there. I was really unhappy so I knew I  needed to make a move. What I did was I wrote letters to Actors and  Actresses here in L.A., telling them about myself, and I had a pretty  impressive resume at that time. I asked if they would help get me  started in the business.

HW:  And someone wrote you back.

ATT. MACINTOSH:  Yes. Gregory Peck.

HW: Wow. Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird."

ATT.  MACINTOSH:  Yes, and he was really nice. Once he was sure that this was  what I wanted to do, he arranged an audition for me at The Actor's  Studio. Once I got in, I later auditioned in front of Lee Strasberg and  got accepted as a lifetime member.

HW:  The Lee Strasberg?

ATT. MACINTOSH:  Yes, and I got in.

HW: You must be really good.

ATT. MACINTOSH: Well, you know, this was my life. I took it very seriously.

HW:   Okay, so, now, you've got this extensive career in Hollywood.  I  "IMDB'd" you and it seemed like your credits would never end.  When did  you make the jump into Law? Or should I say, tell me about ACT THREE.


ATT.  MACINTOSH:  Well, believe it or not, I had a guest role on Picket  Fences portraying Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and I was dressed up in a  Supreme Court Justice's robe, and, as I walked around the set, everyone  was just astounded by how much I actually looked like her. But that was  what I did, and I was known for being a chameleon with my characters.  So, anyway, I had an epiphany, that day, on the set, dressed as Sandra  Day O'Connor. I thought to myself that acting is pretending to be  someone else, and I was tired of 'pretending' to be someone. I wanted  to be someone - someone who could actually help people.

HW: You really came full circle to what you wanted to do as a little girl growing up in Georgia.

ATT.  MACINTOSH: I did. I applied and was accepted into Whittier Law School,  and still continued to take roles and act while studying to be a Lawyer.

HW:  And, of course, as an Entertainment Lawyer, you bring a wealth of  knowledge and experience to your Firm, but what's really interesting to  me is that, as an actress "playing a judge", you literally broke through  the "Fourth Wall" of method acting, came out into the real world and  actually became a Lawyer yourself.

ATT. MACINTOSH: It was really my true calling. The role I was meant to have.

HW:  Usually I ask Attorneys "What makes you unique from others in your  field," but I think that question has already been answered.

ATT.  MACINTOSH: Well, first of all, I'm very content in my life. I have a  wonderful husband, Steve Orlandella, who is very supportive of my work  ethic, because I care a great deal about my clients. I feel a sense of  responsibility for them, and I'm able to sympathize and empathize with  them because, many times, as someone who was in the business, I've  experienced what they're going through. I also have the ability to  recognize the subtext of what's really going on with clients who come  into my office, because acting is about subtext. It's not what a person  says; it's how they say it; it's their mannerisms. These are clues as to  what a person really means and is feeling.

HW:  Okay, suddenly  I'm feeling very vulnerable in front of you. Let's shift the focus here.  What do you love about the Law other than what we just talked about for  the last hour?

ATT. MACINTOSH:  Winning. I love winning.  Building my case brick by brick, and forcing these big companies to  compensate my clients - that makes me happy. 
Attorney MacIntosh  flashes a beautiful smile as she says this last line to me, and I know  helping her clients really does makes her happy because I can feel the  absolute emotion behind her words. No need to look for subtext here.

Anthony Calderon -interviewer/author of the 2007 Hollywood Weekly interview. 
Anthony Calderon, September Issue 2007, www.hollywoodweekly.net